What’s An ABP Advisor?

Advisors are the heart of the Africa Business Portal. Each has extensive experience in some aspect of Africa trade and investment. ABP Advisors understand that business fear can only be overcome when all parties involved are committed to regulatory compliance in every way. ABP Advisors are leaders in their industries, governments, Sub-Saharan countries, U.S. states and other geographic regions. These advisors have a strong commitment to SMEs and women owned businesses. They are problems solvers with a passion to make a difference.

Interested in becoming an ABP advisor? Read on for examples of existing ABP Advisors, advisor responsibilities and opportunities, and to request consideration in becomeing an ABP Advisor by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Every ABP Advisor brings great value to the portal through their unique experience and expertise. Here is a sample of advisors that could be a part of your team:

  1. U.S. Amb (ret) Patricia Moller – U.S. Ambassador (ret.), Moller Global Advisory LLC
  2. Amb (ret) Lewis Lucke – Senior Vice President, Grainster LLC
  3. Amb (ret) Roger Meece
  4. Keith Wright – President & CEO, Thrive Global, LLC
  5. Philippe Ayivor – Managing Partner, AmBIG (American Brands in Ghana)
  6. Jonathan Bloch – CEO, Exchange Data International
  7. Gilles de Vignemont – Tax Partner/Principal, PwC
  8. Douglas Jackson – President/CEO, Project C.U.R.E.
  9. Elsa Juko-McDowell – Chairwoman, East Africa Chamber of Commerce
  10. Finda Koroma – Executive Director, F.K. Consulting Inc.
  11. Dennis Matanda – Consultant, The African Union Commission
  12. Luka Powanga – Managing Partner, The Powanga Group
  13. Melissa Sanderson – VP International Affairs, Freeport-McMoran
  14. Quinton Scholes – Director: Business Development & Strategy, ABN GROUP – Forbes Africa Magazine & CNBC Africa
  15. Gabriel Shumba – CEO, Group Shumba, LLC
  16. Malcolm Gilroy – Consultant – Capital Markets, Risk & Governance, PaxTErra
  17. Asif M. Shaikh – President & CEO, PaxTerra
  18. Melvin Foote – Founder & President, Constituency for Africa (CFA)
  19. Stephen Lande – President, Manchester Trade Limited, Inc.
  20. Sheila Kuriuki – Founder & CEO, Resource Associates Limited
  21. Moses Koyabe – Partner, Global Business Inc.
  22. George Etomi – Principal Partner, George Etomi & Partners
  23. Gavin Colaco – Practice Leader, Fragomen Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  24. Deepak Dave – Riverside Capital Advisory
  25. Martin Ezzemma – Director of International Business Development, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation
  26. David Gordon – Sales & Business Development Manager, SGS Inc.
  27. Ian Hurst – Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions
  28. Bhatki Shah – Managing Director, ImpactAfya Ltd
  29. Jean Tsafack-Djiague – CEO, Futures Agribusiness LLC
  30. Valerie Walker – Founder/Executive Director, Global Medical Libraries


ABP Advisor commitments are intended to be completely flexible to accommodate the different schedules of our advisors. In order to officially become an ABP Advisor, you would need to fill out an online intake form consisting of a photo (headshot), bio, and basic contact information. This profile form allows you to select the U.S. states, Sub-Saharan countries and industries in which you have experience working. Your ABP Advisor profile will then be posted on those select pages on our website, and will also allow others to find your profile through search and sort features. We do ask a strong commitment to FCPA compliance from each of our ABP Advisors. Those are the minimums. Please review ABP Attestation.

If you are also interested in having your firm join as an ABP Network Member (service provider), you will be sent an additional online intake form. There is no cost associated with becoming an ABP Advisor or your affiliated ABP Network membership for at least the first year.


Many ABP Advisors will want to participate in webinars, monitored forums, blog posts, white papers or other communications as a means of establishing themselves as thought-leaders in the industry or contributing to the overall portal goals in building up US-Africa trade and investment. This participation is optional.

Current portal revenue streams are through ABP memberships, sponsorships and advertising- much like an NGO. We anticipate other revenue streams in the future. There is an affiliate tracking software built into the website that allows commissions for those ABP Advisors who choose to market the portal. Again, this is optional.

Africa Business Portal is rapidly developing partnerships with U.S. associations and other business groups. We are working to be the Africa arm of these groups and assist in overcoming barriers to US-Africa business. We have had some requests to consider distributions systems and online product platforms as we mature.


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Africa Business Portal Advisors are not employees of ABP and cannot speak for and do not represent the views of ABP. ABP does not endorse, guarantee, or vouch for the accuracy of any information or advice contained in this forum which is provided “as is.” Advisors share information based on their own experience and knowledge and what details are shared with them in the forum. As the information may be incomplete, you acknowledge that ABP Advisors do not and cannot provide advice in the forum as to whether you should invest in a particular investment opportunity. Furthermore, you acknowledge that you have no expectation of privacy in the information you share. Your participation in the forum does not create an attorney/client relationship between you and the ABP Advisor if the adviser is an attorney. To obtain specific advice on your situation, you are encouraged to contact the ABP Advisors directly.

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