"Engaging with the African Diaspora"

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Engaging with the African Diaspora

Seeking Opportunities – the how to.

DATE:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
TIME:  11am Eastern (US) | 10am Central (US) | 8am Pacific (US) | 5pm Central Africa Time
COST: $100 (included in memberships and special offers)
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Everyone wants to engage the African Diaspora to bring FDI and human resources to their native lands. The diaspora is looking for safe ways to invest. Understanding the opportunities, obstacles and problems solvers can enhance engagement.

Florizelle Liser

Carole Kariuki

CEO, Kenya Private Sector Alliance
Carole is CEO of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance. Its member organizations have an aggregate membership of over 500,000. Ms. Kariuki has a wealth of experience in leadership having worked for Barclays Bank of Kenya, Nairobi Chapel and Sagamore Institute for Public Policy Research, Indianapolis – Indiana. She worked for several years at KEPSA before being appointed KEPSA CEO.

“How Can the Diaspora connect with 500,000 Kenyan problem solvers?”


Florizelle Liser

Almaz Negash

CEO, African Diaspora Network
Almaz is CEO of one of the most powerful African Diaspora organizations in U.S. – African Diaspora Network. Negash is currently the Sr. Managing Director of Step Up Silicon Valley, a social innovation network and anti-poverty lab focused on increasing economic self-sufficiency through convening, advocating for policy changes, and incubating innovative solutions.

“What are the desires of the African Diaspora and how do we unite them with needs in their home countries?”


Florizelle Liser

Benson Kasue

Founder, East Africa Chamber of Commerce
Entrepreneur, Owner of Big D Finance. In April 2019 Africa Union ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao appointed Benson to chair regions six (Eight States) Africa Union Diaspora Initiative. The mission of this initiative is to mobilize African diaspora with a purpose of developing the continent. Benson is the founder of East Africa Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to facilitating trade and investment between East Africa and the rest of the world (with a special focus to USA). Benson is also the founder of Kenya Diaspora Advisory Council of Texas, an organization that look after the needs of Kenyans in Texas. Benson worked in corporate America for twenty years before starting his own financial consulting company. He had progressive careers at FMC Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, IBM, and United Technologies. He held almost every accounting and financial position in corporate America. In doing so, he gained tremendous experience in running successful organizations and improving human productivity. He developed strong skills in financial management, cost accounting, planning and reporting, driving cost out of manufacturing, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, taxation, auditing, strong communications skills, team building, project management, and business operations.

A graduate of Brigham Young University –Marriott School of Management with a BS in accounting and University of Utah David Eccles Business School with an MBA in Finance. He has led resource-mobilizing efforts to save lives in East Africa. After mobilizing food and medical supplies in the USA, he flew to Kenya where he supervised the distribution and delivery of same to the poor. He also supervised construction of water reservoirs in Kenya.

“The Impact of Diaspora Chambers of Commerce in Connecting the African Diaspora”


Florizelle Liser

Jacqueline Mogeni

CEO, Kenya Council of Governors
Jacqueline is CEO of the Kenya Council of Governors. Jacqueline Mogeni is the Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Governors. Ms. Mogeni is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Human Rights Specialist. In her previous capacities, Jacqueline has worked as a member of the Transition Authority as the Chairperson of the Legal and Intergovernmental Committee. She also worked as the Gender and Advocacy
Development Advisor with SNV Development Organization.

“How access to quality projects creates a need and opportunity for African Diaspora to Connect”


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