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“Commendable platform. Congrats to all. Lets aggregate our resources without boundaries, then segment them according to competencies, execute and disrupt/shift the existing unacceptable paradigm.”Joe

“I agree that there is no need to create new organisations to achieve our business goals. Collaboration, coordination, and partnerships are so necessary for all of us to succeed in Africa.”Elizabeth

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Highlights from our webinar.

East African Business Council
Carole Kariuki, KEPSA

Carole Kariuki, KEPSA

Kenya is Eager for Investment
Jacqueline Mogeni, KCOG

Kenya Disapora Engagement
Jacqueline Mogeni, KCOG

Education for the Diasporans
Almaz Negash, ADN

Corporate Engagement
Almaz Negash, ADN

Entrepreneurs and Startups
Benson Kasue, EACC

AU African Diaspora Initiative
Benson Kasue, EACC

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Engaging with the African Diaspora

Seeking Opportunities – the how to.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Everyone wants to engage the African Diaspora to bring FDI and human resources to their native lands. The diaspora is looking for safe ways to invest. Understanding the opportunities, obstacles and problems solvers can enhance engagement.

Don't have time to watch the entire webinar? Here are the presentation from presenter's topic.

What are the desires of the African Diaspora and how do we unite them with needs in their home countries?
Presented by: Almaz Negash

The Impact of Diaspora Chambers of Commerce in Connecting the African Diaspora
Presented by: Benson Kasue

How access to quality projects creates a need and opportunity for African Diaspora to Connect
Presented by: Jacqueline Mogeni

How Can the Diaspora connect?

Presented by: Carole Kariuki

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Hi I live in Kampala, Uganda, my company Development Associates Link International (DALI) based in most of the East African and Southern African region is engaged in Socioeconomic and Investment Initiatives in emerging markets of Africa. How do we collaborate and link or redirect Diaspora community to opportunities on the continent more so that we are on the ground in Africa? What upcoming platforms are in the pipeline to pitch opportunities in Africa?

Once you join EACC you will start receiving communication on what’s happening. We can also work with you to identify potential synergies we cater to our members.

Is there a list of other countries that have diaspora policy?

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Ethiopia.

What interaction is the diaspora level from US vs other international diaspora?

Not very much. Other than USA Africa Diaspora interaction with I’m country diaspora groups eg Uganda and Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania etc.

Written answers to those who submitted their questions will be available soon.

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