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Connecting Economic Giants – U.S.A. & Nigeria

Brent Omdahl | Commercial Counselor, U.S. Department of Commerce – Nigeria

Joyce Akpata | Director General, Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce

Muda Yusaf | Director General, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

Martin Ezemma | Director of International Business Development, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and market. The United States represents a great source of potential markets, trade partners and investors. This webinar will focus on how to effectively enable engagement.

Engaging with the African Diaspora

Carole Kariuki | CEO, Kenya Private Sector Alliance

Almaz Negash | CEO, African Diaspora Network

Benson Kasue | Founder, East Africa Chamber of Commerce

Jacqueline Mogeni | CEO, Kenya Council of Governors

Everyone wants to engage the African Diaspora to bring FDI and human resources to their native lands. The diaspora is looking for safe ways to invest. Understanding the opportunities, obstacles and problems solvers can enhance engagement.

The Case For Africa as the U.S. top trade priority

Dr. Gbadebo Odularu | Senior Consultant, United Nations Economic Commission For Africa

Melissa Sanderson | Chairman, Arizona District Export Council

Philip Thigo | Director for Africa, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Quinton Scholes | Vice President, Africa Business Portal

The global view of Africa is that it is the future economic engine of the world due to arable land, natural resources, workforce and market buying power. The current reality is African imports/exports are only about 1% of US trade. What is the impact on the US Economy if this engagement does not increase and what are the support mechanisms that can enable greater trade and investment.

Safer Entry Point: BOTSWANA

Amb David Newman | Embassy of the Republic of Botswana to the United States

If you change the narrative for one country it is possible to change the narrative for each countries. This webinar quickly dispels business misconceptions about Africa and Botswana.

Botswana is full of pleasant surprises and opportunities for those considering trade and investment in Africa. Since its independence in 1966 has used its vast economic resources to build per capita income, infrastructure, education system, and credit rating. Botswana has one of the the lowest corruption rates on the continent. It is truly a diamond of opportunity.

Utilizing dynamic partnerships to ignite innovation in Africa

Kyle Moss | Qualcomm Wireless Reach
Dr Bienvenu Agbokponto Soglo | Qualcomm®
Okey Okuzu | InStrat Global Health Solutions
Berhane Gebru | TechLab, FHI 360
Sam Rich | eLimu

This webinar addresses how Qualcomm® empowers stakeholders and innovators through access to multinational resources.

Qualcomm®, a company whose technologies powered the smartphone revolution and connected billions of people, will introduce their Qualcomm Wireless Reach™ initiative. This initiative’s innovative approach to partnering unleashes African creativity and expands stakeholder results. Learn how lives are positively impacted when a multinational company invests its finances, people, technologies and other resources in expanding capabilities of African entrepreneurs and stakeholders. In this webinar, multiple program successes in healthcare, education and entrepreneurship will be shared.

Smart Agriculture: African Agriculture in the 21st Century

Patricia R. Sheikh | Corporate Council on Africa
Bruce Cameron | Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Africa is home to 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land. Approximately two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa’s population is dependent on agriculture and the sector is responsible for generating one-third of the continent’s GDP. Despite these advantages, agribusiness in Africa is still not approached as a business.

Unlocking the Secrets of US Lending in Africa

Ben Todd | EXIM Bank
Ms Rashanda Johnson | Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
David Riposo | US Trade & Development Agency

Looking for investors can be hard. And a big part of the difficulty is even knowing where to begin looking. Join us, along with panelists from OPIC, EXIM Bank & USTDA, as we begin to unlock some of the best kept secrets to U.S. lending in Africa- including what programs are the best fit for you and where to find them.

Africa Outlook 2017

Florizelle Liser | Corporate Council on Africa (CCA)
Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) | Cohen and Woods International

Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), in partnership with Africa Business Portal is launching a four-part webinar series this year. The webinars will be an interactive way to discuss the business challenges and opportunities in Africa, gain insight on key markets and exchange ideas with business leaders and stakeholders across the continent and in the United States.

Maximizing and Protecting Your Investment in Africa

Gilles de Vignemont | PwC
Omoike Obawaeki | Africa Desk, PwC

Investing in business in Africa can seem a little intimidating to most. In this ABP Webinar Event, experienced tax specialists, Gilles de Vignemont and Omoike Obawaeki, will help unlock the secrets to getting money safely in and out of the countries and protecting yourself and your investments in Africa. Whether you are a project manager, a small business owner or a big time investor, this guide to understanding the African tax landscape is something you won’t want to miss.

OPIC: Expanding Horizons for U.S. Businesses in Africa

Alison Germak | OPIC

Learn how hundreds of American small businesses have used the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) finance and insurance products to gain access to emerging markets overseas. Discover how you can take advantage of all the assets OPIC has to offer to expand internationally while supporting growth at home.

Essential Tools for Accelerating Growth in East Africa

Elsa Juko-McDowell| East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC)
Benson Kasue | East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC)
Bill Morgan | East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC)
Robert Muruli | East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC)

The East Africa Community (EAC) has become a hotspot for international business and a focus for many U.S. companies. With so many innovative initiatives happening among the countries within the EAC, it is a wonderful time to be doing business in East Africa. Join us as we partner with the East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC) to explore opportunities and tools for business in the East Africa Community.

Know Where You Are: The Importance of Cultural Communication in Africa Business Success

Melissa Sanderson | Freeport-McMoran

One of the challenges of working in Africa (or anywhere outside the US) is adapting our approach to match the cultural expectations of the proposed market. In Japan, famously, this involves proper presentation of one’s card with the appropriate degree of bow; luckily, Africa doesn’t have quite this level of protocol! But knowing that office meetings or phone calls can be considered too brusque when trying to start a business is an important example of how knowing where you are can help you thrive in Africa.

Solutions to Non-Tariff Barriers in Africa

Dennis Matanda | Manchester Trade & Consultant | The African Union Commission

Doing business in Africa is not any more difficult than going to Turkey or Colombia. In fact, you may find that when one gets over what seems like an information black out, business between the American private sector and Africa can, and would be, brisk. In this webinar, Dennis Matanda uses his vast experience to provide a hands-on practical guide to getting a foothold in the world’s fastest growing sub-region.

How to Get Africa-Focused Projects Funded by Private Equity & Institutional Investors

Gabriel Shumba | Group Shumba, LLC

In this webinar, Gabriel will discuss:
1) The Players
2) Preparing for funding (what you need to know, must do and should have)
3) Building a strong business model and business plan
4) Presentation deck, presentation tips, and meeting strategies
5) The process of getting funded
6) Due diligence reviews (what you must do to pass)
7) Questions specific to your projects
A very straightforward solutions to getting the right investors for your company.

Demystifying Market Entry Into Africa

Keith Wright | President & CEO Thrive Global, LLC

Africa’s opportunities are increasingly well known. However, it’s also understood that it can be a risky place to do business. How do you move from interest in getting your business involved in Africa to operations and sales there? In this webinar Thrive Global’s CEO Keith Wright applies two decades of Africa experience to boil down the most important first steps you can take to get on the right path- starting with how to select the national markets where your products and services are most likely to succeed.

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