We enable outstanding Africa marketing reach for all size businesses, NGOs, educational institutions, and government organizations.

In partnership with inter alia Africa Business Communities, we introduce Africa Business Portal Marketing Center. For ABP members, services are available at a discounted rate.

Direct Messaging LinkedIn Groups
Biggest African player in the world on Linkedin!

  • More than 170 well segmented groups – countries and industries
  • • 5 of top 10 and 27 of top 50 LinkedIn Groups related to Africa.
  • CEO groups with selective admission
  • 171 Groups – over 1.3 million African Business Professionals

Africa Press List
Press Release Distribution System for Africa Easy access – budget friendly.

Press Selection Criteria:

  • 30 Fields of interest
  • 54 Countries
  • Languages: (English, French, Portuguese, Arabic)
  • Media Types: (Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and Blogs)
  • Press Release List: 7,250 Journalists and bloggers

Self service system, but support as to writing and editing is available.

Market Research

Africa Business Panel – 15,600 well profiled African decision takers can respond to your market research questions. Africa Business Panel is compliant with Esomar standards.


“We are using the African business panel for our B2B studies in Africa as it provides us with access to the exact people we are looking for to give our clients the highest possible quality, not only in the biggest economies in Africa, but also in the smaller African countries. Maximum reach at a one shop stop!” – Hans Pietersen – Sales Director Benelux & Scandinavia at Toluna

“The Africa Business Panel brings you unrivaled access to African B2B respondents. Their reach combined with their speed and accessibility makes The Africa Business Panel a must-go-to supplier if you need the opinion of Africa.” – Stefan Boom – Sales Manager, SSI ( Survey Sampling International)

Africa Consumer Panel – over 10,000 African consumers can respond to any product research. Africa Consumer Panel is compliant with Esomar standards.

Africa Purchase Managers Index – monthly response to 11 manufacturing and 7 non manufacturing parameters.

Event Marketing

Lack of effective networking and lack of sponsors have been universal complaints for African events. Networking events and meeting the right selection of people are pivotal for success. We can help you with:

Networking event

  • Tailor made business meetings
  • Sponsored networking events – you will be the owner of the event

Event Package

Africa Business Communities offers event organizers, the Africa Event communication – package.

The Africa Event communication – package consists of two messages:

  • An interview with the event organizer
  • A press release with information of the event

We will distribute the messages as follows:

  • Publication on the Africa Business Communities news site
  • Distribution through our Africa Business Communities LinkedIn groups and Facebook
  • Distribution through Twitter via @AfricaBizz
  • Publication in our Africa CEO newsletter
  • Create a digital press release of the event and distribute as a DM to 200-1,000 African journalists and international journalists writing about Africa

Content Marketing Partnerships

It is difficult to try to reach an African engaged audience all by yourself. A new responsive website is not the difficult step. Dynamic content and sources sending traffic to your site are usually two hurdles. By claiming a domain on www.africabusinesscommunities.com you will create much more traffic to your message and site and your SEO will significantly improve.

The proposition is that you can start all by yourself in Africa without to overcome two very difficult hurdles, continuous production of content and attracting traffic. You can replicate top level SEO results at a much lower cost.

Guaranteed 10,000 subscribers to your newsletter and direct mails to at least 250K professionals engaged in Africa.

Africa CEO Communication Package

We will distribute the interview, held with you as a CEO about your company and objectives, as a press release to an agreed number of journalists. A distribution list will be made according to your desired audience.

Packages comprise:

  • Interview published on Africa Business Communities
  • DM LinkedIn groups
  • Inclusion CEO Newsletter,
  • Twitter distribution
  • Africa Press List distribution

Africa News Monitoring

The online monitoring service and system is used by big known brands as Unilever, Samsung and Mercedes.
Africa News Monitoring: The Africa news monitoring is a separate service (www.africanewsmonitoring.com) that tracks and analyses your online news on basis of key words.

The Africa news monitoring is a service (www.africanewsmonitoring.com) that tracks your online news on basis of key words (95% of broadcasters and print media also put the news online – although most of the times, a shorter version but with the main search terms) and social media.

Africa Online Marketing

Advice from online marketing agency:

  • Traditional Social Media, SEA, and SEO services.
  • Custom Publishing
  • Website, event and ticketing designs and services
  • Advertising and Communication Packages


We know everything about African headhunters and are happy to advise you on their expertise, rates and track record.

We have listed 2,099 executive search firms that can help you.

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