Innovative Solutions For Global-Africa Business

AFRICA BUSINESS PORTAL (ABP) is a growing network of offices, companies, advisors and collaborating organizations that are committed to building up Global-Africa business on a platform of FCPA COMPLIANCE.


For the First Time Now there is a Clear Government Recognition That Africa is Essential to USA Interests.

The BUILD Act could be the most significant U.S. initiative toward Africa

The “Prosper Africa” Program has prioritized that lasting stability, prosperity, independence, and security on the African continent are in the national security interest of the United States.

The recent Brooking Institute report Sub-Saharan Africa notes that:

Brookings Institute on China-Africa

  • …two-way trade has grown 40 times over the last 20 years and now exceeds $200 billion…

Brookings Institute on The EU-Africa

  • “The EU is shoring up its commercial position in Africa through a web of free trade agreements, or Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)…with 40 African nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Brookings Institute on The USA-Africa

  • …two-way trade has fallen from a high of $100 billion in 2008 to $39 billion in 2017, largely due to U.S. energy self-sufficiency.”
  • …whilst all the above has been happening this has left the U.S. in need of a new commercial strategy


Networks & projects for doing business in Africa.


SME’s through a DIVERSE online platform.


ABP Members and Associations across Africa.


  • – SME Development and Project Showcasing
  • – Sub Portals – Africa Organizations & Members
  • – Event Engagement Tools
  • – Virtual Access to Markets (Worldwide)
  • – Scalable Business Problem Solving Platform
  • – Webinar / Sponsorship Opportunity Promotion

Helping Global Companies Find Success in Africa

Global-Africa Business and TradeWe have seen, first hand, the forces that can lead to failure among businesses working internationally. So we have worked long and hard to find a solution. Global-Africa business needs a strong base to build long term, sustainable success. And at the base of any business interaction is the people who make up a company, organization or association.

We understand the value of people- of good people. Of people committed to Global-Africa business. And of people committed to doing business the right way- with transparency. And so we created the ABP Network- a place filled with people and companies to help you build a strong professional network. Imagine…experience advisors, collaborators, investors, training opportunities and essential resources all in one place. Together we can overcome obstacles and find success doing business in Africa.

“With a greater global commitment to Trade and Investment in Africa, ABP is pleased to offer a dynamic platform for both African and U.S. SME’s that is geared for growth by connecting projects, promotion agencies, problem solvers, events, education, diaspora, networks, and investors.”

Leland Clegg

President, Africa Business Portal

The Africa Business Portal, unique among organizations in my experience, focuses on building commercial bridges between U.S and African companies doing business ethically and in conformance with the FCPA guidelines. ABP also “gets” the importance of relationships in business success, and strives to ensure its clients have every opportunity to get to know each other – and therefore work together with confidence.

Melissa Sanderson

VP International Affairs, Freeport-McMoran

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