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Africa Business Portal knows that success in Africa comes more quickly as we work together.
That is why we believe in the power of collaboration among AFRICA FOCUSED ORGANIZATIONS.
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The Corporate Council on Africa
based in Washington, DC (USA)

Benefits of Membership
ACCESS: Access African and U.S.government officials via introductions, private meetings and events
CONNECTIONS: Network and forge new partnerships via more than 100 meetings and special events yearly
INSIGHT: Gain insight via CCA’s advisory services and intelligence on U.S.-Africa trade & investment

Africa Travel Association
based in Washington, DC (USA)

Benefits of Membership
>TRAVEL SHOWS: Purchase booths at select industry travel shows with ATA special discounted rates
>ATA BRAND: Display ATA logo on website, business cards, and promotional materials as well as the right to use media (photos, video) of ATA events in promotional materials
>INDUSTRY INFORMATION: Access to membership-only areas of ATA website with special resources like ATA Knowledge Base, travel industry information and news, commission content, webinars, curated industry insights and professional development
>MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY: Listing in ATA Membership Directory
>MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES: Showcase products and services through ATA events, Passport to Africa® newsletters, partner publications, social media, and more

ABP Member Discounts

East Africa Chamber of Commerce
based in Dallas, TX (USA)

Benefits of Membership
CONNECTIONS: Low cost effective connectivity to East Africa resources for SMEs.
EMBASSIES: Effective working relationships with all the East Africa Embassies.
EAC RELATIONSHIPS: Strong in-country resource relationships including country governors and other locally elected leaders.
COMPLIANCE: Strong understanding and commitment by board members to FCPA compliance.

ABP Member Discounts
$100 event registration ($150 value) + complimentary EACC Membership ($50 value)

Ghana International Chamber of Commerce
based in Atlanta, GA (USA)

Benefits of Membership
>Positioning companies to reap the benefits of our history of successfully advocating and facilitating the formation of strategic links, economically prosperous trading relationships, operational expansions and countless joint ventures.

ABP Member Discounts
>30% off GHICC membership
>10% off GHICC Trade Missions

Energy Africa Conference
based in Denver, CO (USA)

Benefits of Registration
>HIGH LEVEL ACCESS: Join hundreds of executives, decision makers and thought leaders from the private sector, national governments, non-government organizations, and academia from across the globe.
>DIALOG, COLLABORATE and INVEST in the work needed to deploy energy and power systems in Africa.

ABP Member Discounts
Customized ABP Discounts for event registration.

Global Chamber
based in Phoenix, AZ (USA)

Benefits of Membership
Do business in one metro? Join a local chamber. Do business in multiple metros? Join us!  Membership in your home metro entitles you to membership in every one of our 500 metros.
Specific benefits include:
>Access to trusted connections.
>Access to the resources to grow.
>Hands on support.

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African Financial & Economic Data

Discounts for ABP Members
More information to come

Benefits of Membership
More information to come

American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia

based in Lusaka, Zambia

Benefits of Membership

AmCham Zambia identifies optional approaches to trade financing by facilitating meetings with the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and private institutions.

ABP Member Discounts

30% Off AmCham Zambia Membership Fee

Constituency for Africa

based in Washington D.C.

Benefits of Membership

For more than 25 years, the Constituency for Africa (CFA) has established itself as one of the leading organizations in the United States committed to educating and mobilizing individuals and organizations throughout the U.S. and the African Diaspora on matters pertaining to Africa. As a result, CFA has helped to increase the level of cooperation and coordination among a broad-based coalition of international organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to the progress, development and empowerment of Africa and African people worldwide.

ABP Member Benefits

Free initial consultation with CFA’s President Melvin Foote.

Webinars with African ambassadors.