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Helping U.S. Companies Find Success in Africa

We have seen, first hand, the forces that can lead to failure among businesses working internationally. So we have worked long and hard to find a solution. U.S.-Africa business needs a strong base to build long term, sustainable success. And at the base of any business interaction is the people who make up a company, organization or association.

We understand the value of people- of good people. Of people committed to U.S-Africa business. And of people committed to doing business the right way- with transparency. And so we created the ABP Network- a place filled with people and companies to help you build a strong professional network. Imagine…experience advisors, collaborators, investors, training opportunities and essential resources all in one place. Together we can overcome obstacles and find success doing business in Africa.


Africa Business Portal believes in reaching across continents to build a highly talented and diverse workforce. Each member of the team is committed to the vision of bridging U.S.-Africa business. But the real value of the Africa Business Portal (ABP) workforce lies in collaboration that enables the services of members, advisors and sponsors of the ABP Portal. After all, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Join ABP today and become part of something great!

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